Providing the most intelligent, results driven investigations
to California’s Employers to create the best
defense against workers’ compensation costs.


HD Video Surveillance
AOE / COE focused on Cost Reduction
Social Media Backgrounds
Comprehensive Backgrounds


Dedicated Account Managers
giving you years of valuable
workers' comp investigation experience.


A field investigation staff made up
of truly dedicated employees;
not just a list of subcontractors.


Investigators are managed and supported
by in-house veteran investigators on a daily basis.


Two week Turnaround Time on ALL product lines.
Rush cases welcome!


In California, for California.
Specializing in workers' comp investigations
that are directly impacted by our state's current
legislation and historical nuances.

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The most underutilized product in the industry. Here at Atlas we are firm believers that AOE/COE investigation is the best defense against workers’ compensation costs. Keeping a strong fence up on the front end of claims helps prevent elevated costs long term. For a fraction of the cost of multi-day surveillance, you can obtain a wealth of knowledge from not only the claimant, but also witnesses and supervisors as well:

• Spanish speaking investigators
• All investigators have an average of 16 years of investigative experience
• 18 day Turnaround Time
• Photographs, Diagrams, Statements, and Transcription

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Our product is simple: High Definition video at a capture rate of 88%. The way we achieve this, however, is anything but; we hire our field staff by using the same interview/hiring practices as fortune 500 companies. Throughout a typical surveillance day, they are managed from the desk of a supervisor who has over 15 years of WC surveillance experience. We couple this with a data driven approach to performance evaluation of not only our investigators, but also our company as a whole. All the while you, the client, have constant communication with your dedicated account manager.

• HD Video
• 88% Capture Rate
• 93% Locate rate
• 17 day Turnaround Time
• Next Day HD Clips

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Everything included in the Investigative Index plus all Criminal and Civil cases, DMV registered vehicles, and a complete capturing and storage of all Internet and online presences. Court Ready.

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All reports are comprehensive and court ready! Make sure your current investigation vendor is capturing all metadata. If they are not your findings will not hold up in court. All of our Social Media investigation reports also come with a free 90-day monitoring service, this way if the subject makes plans online or posts things that may be of value to the claim you can act on it!

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Atlas SIU has relationships with California Department of Insurance and various counties throughout the state. We have a positive track record working with district attorneys that have led to successful criminal prosecution. What differentiates Atlas from other investigation companies is that our initial fraud packaging is a flat fee; you, wont see any monthly billings.

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You pick the radius and type of medical treatment to research and we will make an attempt to determine if your injured worker has been treated at facilities in the area. Reports are submitted within a 14-day turnaround time, with a list of all places contacted and any successful locates. When we do determine that your claimant has been treated, the results allow you to obtain those records through subpoena.

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Most people that request an activity check simply want a drive by of a residence to see if there are any cars present, or verify if a property looks like people are coming and going. Our Activity Check dives much deeper. Included in it is a broad range of background data, along with a 4-hour surveillance sit, plus inquiries with neighbors if necessary.

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Let us schedule an appointment with your injured worker’s treating physician to assess investigative content that could alter the physician’s treatment plan.

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Sometimes it can be as simple as locating a claimant to confirm they are receiving benefits and confirming where he or she currently resides.

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With highly skilled video technicians that primarily process our HD video, we are able to meet a multitude of special requests including: DVD duplication, highlight clips, still pictures, employer surveillance footage, and any other special request the insured’s counsel may require for court.

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Determining third party causation is in the natural course and scope of any AOE/COE or General Liability investigation. However when clients have obvious indicators that another party is at fault, our investigators understand the specific nuances of subrogation cases including but not limited to equipment malfunction, vehicular accident, and hazardous conditions created by separate business entities.

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Atlas does non-workers’ compensation investigations for select clients on an independent agreement basis. While this is not the core of our business, we have conducted several unique investigations for our existing client base that did not fit within the workers’ comp prevue.

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*Atlas Claims Investigation does not conduct private investigations in regards to domestic dispute, cheating spouse, or family member surveillance. We are a 100% specialized workers’ comp investigation company.

A smarter approach to investigation.
Making decisions based on metrics and historical data that pertain to specific scenarios.

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    You have the power to create change and we want to help you! Whether you are looking for historical investigative data for your industry, faster turnaround times, better communication, or just a higher level of investigation in general; we have a Business Development staff that can guide you through the process of using Atlas as your newest line of defense against workers’ comp costs.

    Please, we want to help you. All it takes is to complete this form and an Atlas Business Development representative will contact you to provide any and all statistics that we have pertaining to your industry and location.

    *Note: You’re contact information is kept internal to Atlas and will not be entered into any automated marketing campaigns. This is simply a way for us to make sure that we are connecting you with someone that can discuss your unique situation and provide you with all the information you deserve in order to make informed decisions in regards to investigation.

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HD Video – 88% Capture Rate – 93% Locate Rate – 17 Day Turnaround Time – Next Day HD Clips

About Atlas

Atlas’ core value derives from vigilant statistical analysis of past and current work. In regards to surveillance, we developed a predictive scoring algorithm that measures opportunities to locate a claimant, obtain video, and determine whether or not a claimant will become aware of our investigators’ presence. This system in itself gives Atlas a definitive competitive edge in an industry that is saturated with mediocrity.

Our advanced approach to investigation, coupled with our determination to only hire individuals who possess the highest levels of spirit, talent, and effort, puts Atlas above and beyond national investigation firms that rely heavily on subcontractors with fractured lines of communication.

We strive to endear loyalty in our clients by constantly keeping them up-to-date regarding ongoing investigations and by always making sure they have a point of contact in our office eager to help them fill in the blanks. Our AOE/COE product has been built and refined based on a combined 45 years of experience–specifically in the State of California. Walking the fine line of knowing when to press and when to hold back in order to get the best results out of a claimant or witness interview is something we pride ourselves on.

With offices in both northern and southern California, Atlas Claims Investigation is able to maintain a wide span of control over its investigative staff that is located throughout the state. All investigative operations are handled out of the Sacramento area office and all finances, compliance, and human resources are handled out of the Orange County office. On the investigative side we pride ourselves on being ahead of staffing needs. Whether you are looking for next day AOE/COE or a multi-day surveillance sit, you can rest assured that Atlas will be able to fulfill your needs.
Starting an investigation company from the ground up is no easy accomplishment. The company was founded on the idea that we were going to be the best AOE/COE company in the State of California. In pursuit of this goal, we quickly discovered our talent for locating subjects and obtaining video through investigative means. It turns out we are an exceptionally good surveillance company, go figure. While our AOE/COE product is constantly tracking with our day one goal of being the best in the State, we pride ourselves on our advanced thinking in regards to workers’ compensation surveillance. Since 2010, we have been providing services to the following industries, and in return have been lucky to team up with some incredible people that are long term clients:

  • Public Agency (City, State, Federal, Law Enforcement, Transportation, etc)
  • Longshore
  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Entertainment
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Mechanical
  • Manufacturing
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Insurance Companies
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Self Insureds

Atlas Claims Investigation has specific and measurable investigative data that applies individually to each of these sectors and account types and is broken down by the region of the State. If you fit into one of these categories, it would be a huge advantage for you to reach out to us to request investigative statistics that pertain directly to your business or client. The investigative data we can provide is priceless and will help you make valuable decisions regarding how to handle your claims from an investigative standpoint going forward, thus saving you money in the long term. Plus, the data and insight is free!

We’ve all been there. Career day, maybe fifth or sixth grade, when half the class had dreams of one day getting a job in workers’ compensation! Wait, that didn’t happen? Yeah, that has NEVER happened. No one pursued their dreams into this industry. However, here we are. You’re a claims examiner, a risk manager, a broker or a CFO–and comp, whether you like it or not, is your business. And trust that no one understands your situation better than me: I started in workers’ compensation at sixteen when I ran the mailroom for my aunt, who was a comp-specific defense attorney. When I left for the military, I promised myself I would never have anything to do with the field, yet after twelve plus years of investigation, I have realized that job performance–NOT description–is what determines job satisfaction. Which is to say that I propose we, in earnest, make the best of our situation. Let’s collectively say “we do our best,” and go one step further by critically examining what that even means.

If you do not use Atlas as your investigation provider, you’ve probably already begun to realize that your current provider is far from the best. Investigations is saturated with mediocrity: “No activity…we lost them on the freeway…I couldn’t get it scheduled…we’ll have that report out first thing Monday…” and so on. Your current provider sucks–you know they suck–and it’s time to ask yourself how much longer you’re willing to let them steal money from you.

Let’s reject mediocrity by boycotting inferior product. Understand that two days of surveillance or an AOE/COE investigation is not a box you check so you can say that “you tried.” It’s expensive. Poor investigation just adds to your cost and hurts your bottom line. If you hired a contractor to build a bedroom addition, and they a left a gaping hole on the side of your house, you’d be pissed. Stop letting your current provider leave gaping holes on your comp files.

At Atlas, we believe that an investigator, and subsequently our company, is as good as the sum of ALL of our cases. With that in mind, we have monitored our investigation product’s effectiveness in regards to cost reduction since our very first case. Which is to say we don’t just strive to be the best, we keep ourselves accountable in pursuit of that goal. Our data combined with a dedication to face-to-face account management create an environment where we aren’t just another mediocre vendor; we are an active partner in YOUR success.

Workers comp isn’t exciting. It isn’t easy. It’s an exercise in janitorial services with state regulations that tell you what kind of mop you can use and who gets to use it when. The doctors and the applicant attorney’s just keep making your 120-150 “messes” more complex, more toxic and making them stink.

Do you care about your desk? Do you care about your losses? Do you care about job satisfaction? Be kind to yourself. Get us involved in your goal of putting out the best work possible. Together we can get this mess cleaned up.

Jason Schwerin, CEO & Managing Investigator

At Atlas Claims Investigation, our mission, vision and values are the foundation upon which we stand. They define us as a company and are constantly force us to strive for excellence.

Our mission describes our organizational purpose. Our vision defines our goals. Our values serve as guiding principles. Together, these statements are the foundation of how we serve our clients, how we treat each other and the way we operate as a company. Collectively, they shape our company, now and into the future.


Through industry leading best practices, provide the most intelligent, results driven investigations to California’s Employers to create the best defense against workers’ compensation costs.


Change the Industry and Continue to Make Atlas a Great Place to Work.

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Statistics, Not Stories.

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