Providing the most intelligent, results driven investigations
to California’s Employers to create the best
defense against workers’ compensation costs.

HD Video Surveillance
AOE / COE focused on Cost Reduction
Social Media Backgrounds
Comprehensive Backgrounds

Dedicated Account Managers
giving you years of valuable
workers' comp investigation experience.

A field investigation staff made up
of truly dedicated employees;
not just a list of subcontractors.

Investigators are managed and supported
by in-house veteran investigators on a daily basis.

Two week Turnaround Time on ALL product lines.
Rush cases welcome!

In California, for California.
Specializing in workers' comp investigations
that are directly impacted by our state's current
legislation and historical nuances.

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A smarter approach to investigation.
Making decisions based on metrics and historical data that pertain to specific scenarios.

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  • New Relationships and Business Development

    You have the power to create change and we want to help you! Whether you are looking for historical investigative data for your industry, faster turnaround times, better communication, or just a higher level of investigation in general; we have a Business Development staff that can guide you through the process of using Atlas as your newest line of defense against workers’ comp costs.

    Please, we want to help you. All it takes is to complete this form and an Atlas Business Development representative will contact you to provide any and all statistics that we have pertaining to your industry and location.

    *Note: You’re contact information is kept internal to Atlas and will not be entered into any automated marketing campaigns. This is simply a way for us to make sure that we are connecting you with someone that can discuss your unique situation and provide you with all the information you deserve in order to make informed decisions in regards to investigation.

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    HD Video – 88% Capture Rate – 93% Locate Rate – 17 Day Turnaround Time – Next Day HD Clips

    About Atlas

    Atlas’ core value derives from vigilant statistical analysis of past and current work. In regards to surveillance, we developed a predictive scoring algorithm that measures opportunities to locate a claimant, obtain video, and determine whether or not a claimant will become aware of our investigators’ presence. This system in itself gives Atlas a definitive competitive edge in an industry that is saturated with mediocrity.

    Our advanced approach to investigation, coupled with our determination to only hire individuals who possess the highest levels of spirit, talent, and effort, puts Atlas above and beyond national investigation firms that rely heavily on subcontractors with fractured lines of communication.

    We strive to endear loyalty in our clients by constantly keeping them up-to-date regarding ongoing investigations and by always making sure they have a point of contact in our office eager to help them fill in the blanks. Our AOE/COE product has been built and refined based on a combined 45 years of experience–specifically in the State of California. Walking the fine line of knowing when to press and when to hold back in order to get the best results out of a claimant or witness interview is something we pride ourselves on.

    Statistics, Not Stories.

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