Unmanned/Remote Surveillance

Tired of depending on a short surveillance sit to determine what a claimant is doing or if they even live where they say they do? Try Unmanned Surveillance by Atlas!

Give your investigation a leg up by continuously filming the claimant's presumed residence for 3-5 days to gather some basic pattern & activity data prior to sending out an investigator.

By doing this you will improve your video capture rate and have a much more efficient use of claim-fighting dollars over time. You might even get lucky and capture video of the claimant breaking restrictions.

What it is

Unmanned surveillance consists of deploying a camera in an empty vehicle that is parked in the vicinity of a residence or a specific location. It can also pertain to the method of concealing a camera within an object that sits on public property.

What we are doing with it

Regarding unmanned surveillance specifically, we are on a mission to provide our customers an industry-leading service that combines state-of-the-art surveillance cameras with commercial-grade wireless networking equipment.
The goal is to provide you with comprehensive, actionable data that can completely change the course of an investigation and supercharge your claims team.

The Value and when to use it

➢    When you have high confidence in the fact that the claimant resides at a certain address but have not had luck with traditional manned surveillance
➢    The absolute best activity check - use it as a preliminary scout to establish patterns and check activity prior to deploying costly investigators for short periods of time and “hoping to get lucky”
➢    In scenarios where there is a single-family residence and the chance of activity in front of the residence is more likely
➢    To see if, and when a car moves
➢    When claimants that are known to be active in front of their residence
➢    In conjunction w/ manned surveillance when there is a back or secondary access point

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Our cameras and networking

➢    Never miss any activity. Our cameras record continuously 24/7 without interruption.

➢    The hybrid cloud cameras that we use are built with onboard processing to analyze footage at the edge. All motion by people or vehicles is recorded and uploaded to the cloud in brilliant 4K resolution while backups of the entire 24-hour day are stored on both the camera and our local network. Our cameras film continuously and do not shut off. Court ready!

➢    We use advanced in-vehicle wireless edge networking equipment to get out there and stay out there. Our cellular solution would be right at home in a police car, bus, or fire engine.

What You Get:

➢     Same great Atlas customer service experience and investigative knowledge!

➢     Daily updates with 4K video clips of any activity by people of interest and any vehicles arriving or departing from the location of surveillance. We will also include still images of the residence on day 1 along with id shots of people observed.

➢     A comprehensive, court-ready report that includes times of motion at the location of surveillance, people observed and times they were active, vehicles observed (w/ license plates), and whom they are registered to.

➢     Archiving - All video obtained (including video without activity) is backed up and maintained by Atlas Claims Investigation indefinitely.

How much it costs

To get current pricing please contact Jason on our main operations floor at (877) 805-9826 or fill out this contact form to request a callback.

Definitions & Disclaimers

➢         A day of surveillance is defined as any 24-hour period

➢         All parties have the authority to terminate surveillance at any time, especially if it is suspected that the surveillance equipment has been compromised or a subject has been made aware of the investigation.

➢          In the case where surveillance is terminated early, billing will be pro-rated for the final day of surveillance based on how many hours it was active and as long as the two-day minimum was reached.

➢          Deployment time-frames are at the sole discretion of Atlas.

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