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Starting Relationships out the Right Way

There is nothing that excites the CEO of Atlas Claims Investigation more than talking about the Workers’ Comp Industry, and Theory of Investigation in the State of California.  All staff members at Atlas Claims Investigation are incredibly passionate about what we are doing in this industry, however Jason Schwerin takes it a step further.

Our preferred practice when evaluating a new partnership, whether it be with a TPA, Insurance Company, or Employer; is to have a face to face meeting in your office and allow us to conduct a formal 30 minute presentation.  During the presentation you will briefly hear about the following:

  • Insight on the current and future status of the Workers’ Comp Industry
  • Our Theory of Investigation in regards to investigating Workers’ Comp Claims in the State of California
  • What makes our Customer Service experience better than any other investigation company in the Workers’ Comp Industry
  • Our Predictive Scoring Model

The meeting can be as short or as long as you want and we will stay until all of your questions are answered.

To request a Power Point presentation or a general meeting in your office please fill out the form to the right.